With over 25 years of experience as both educator and performer, Kulu Sadira has combined his mastery as a musician with his skill and patience as a facilitator serving business teams and leadership organizations, as well as integrative trainings, personal growth seminars, youth and community development events worldwide.

Innovative and interactive, Kulu’s programs are music-based and utilize the framework of the community drum circle as their foundation. His high-spirited presentations add value to any organization by helping to:

  • Optimize performance
  • Build trust and synergy
  • Enhance cooperative dynamics
  • Develop powerful leadership competencies
  • Foster integrated wholeness and wellness

Kulu weaves together a unique blend of rich musical celebration with the contemporary insights from:

  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Natural Systems Design
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Co-active Leadership
  • Integral Meta-View

His comprehensive approach to learning incorporates music, song, stories, movement and dialog revealing powerful new approaches for effective problem solving.

World Beat Circle leaves teams and organizations connected, unified and energized. Individuals are able leverage their unique gifts in support of a successful, collaborative rhythmic creation. Participants receive an integrated experience that balances physical, mental and emotional renewal, along with inspiration and high-energy FUN!

PROGRAMS CAN BE DESIGNED to fit the needs of your group.
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